Digital and Social marketing have become vital tools for businesses selling products online, and it’s important to be able to do them well, and use them to their full potential.

I ran my own online accessories business for 3 years, and one of the things I enjoyed and excelled at most was the Social and digital side of the business – but building my brand awareness on Social Media and working with Influencers was a  bit of a minefield at the beginning.  At the time, I wished there had been someone I could have gone to who could have taught me the tricks of the trade, and that’s why I decided to work with small businesses and start-ups, sharing all I’ve learnt to help them succeed.

I want to work with you in a way that is best suited to your needs.  Either hire me for a one to one workshop where we can concentrate on a particular area where you need help and advice, or alternatively why not book a Kick starter session to give your business a full Digital and Social Marketing ‘MOT’.

I will also keep a close eye on your digital and social marketing for 1 month after the session to track how you’re doing, and i’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have during that time.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your business.